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In carrying out is objectives, ISA is resolute that all activities shall be conducted in strict conformity with applicable antitrust laws. ISA will not condone any violation of its policy, and any member or employee who violates such policy will be subject to expulsion from ISA. 

ISA members should avoid discussing certain subjects when they are together in both formal meetings and informal contacts and should otherwise adhere strictly to the following:

  • DO NOT discuss prices, fees or rates, or features that can impact (raise, lower or stabilize) prices such as discounts, costs, terms and conditions of sale, warranties, or profit margins. Note that a price-fixing violation may be inferred from price-related discussions followed by parallel decisions on pricing by association members - even in the absence of an oral or written agreement.
  • DO NOT agree with competitors as to uniform terms of sale, warranties or contract provisions.
  • DO NOT exchange data concerning fees, prices, production, sales, bids, costs, customer credit, or other business practices.
  • DO NOT agree with competitors to divide up customers, markets or territories or to deal with certain suppliers.
  • DO NOT try to prevent a supplier from selling to your competitor(s) nor discuss your customers with your competitors.
  • DO NOT agree to any membership restrictions, standard-setting, certification, accreditation, or self-regulation programs without the restrictions or programs having been approved by ISA’s legal counsel.
  • DO insist that official ISA meetings have agendas circulated in advance and minutes which properly reflect the actions taken at the meeting.
  • DO leave any meeting (formal or informal) where improper subjects are being discussed. Tell everyone why you are leaving.
  • DO ensure that ISA officers, directors, volunteers, or other members do not portray themselves as speaking or acting with the authority of ISA.