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Bureau Veritas Accredited as First ISASecure Certification Body in Greater China

  • October 25, 2022
  • Durham, North Carolina

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Bureau Veritas) this week has announced their accreditation as an ISASecure Certification Body (CB) based in Taiwan. The Bureau Veritas ISASecure accreditation audit was conducted by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation, an ISO 17011 Accreditation Body.
ISASecure is the brand under which the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI) operates its automation cybersecurity conformity assessment scheme for the ANSI/ISA 62443 and ISA/IEC 62443 standards. ISASecure CB accreditation is granted to CBs that have demonstrated full adherence to ISO 17065 and ISO 17025 standards, and ISASecure CB technical readiness requirements.
As a Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry leader in ISA/IEC 62443 certifications, Bureau Veritas has demonstrated strong capabilities across industrial security globally. Bureau Veritas’ accreditation as Greater China’s first ISASecure CB expands Bureau Veritas’ reach in the delivery of industrial cybersecurity solutions.
ISA/IEC 62443 is the only technical horizontal standard in industrial cybersecurity covering the full automation lifecycle, which also addresses the long update cycles typical in automation and control systems. The ISA/IEC 62443 standards address the heightened levels of vulnerabilities experienced late in the systems’ lifecycles. ISA/IEC 62443 applicability spans many industry sectors including semiconductors, railway, industrial products, automobiles, smart buildings and cities, oil & gas, energy storage, and more. A recent ISCI study confirmed the applicability of ISA/IEC 62443 for the industrial internet of things (IIoT).
Andre Ristaino, ISA Managing Director of Conformity Assessment Programs, stated, “We are pleased to include Bureau Veritas in the ISASecure CB community. The Bureau Veritas reputation for excellence enhances the credibility of the ISASecure ISA/IEC 62443 conformity assessment scheme. We look forward to expanding our collaboration with Bureau Veritas.”
Paolo Ingarao, General Manager of Technology Products Taiwan, Consumer Products Division, said of the ISASecure certification, “Bureau Veritas values the solid foundation of Taiwan and the cybersecurity development of future manufacturers, and takes the lead to assist Taiwanese manufacturers to obtain ISA/IEC 62443-2-4, ISA/IEC 62442-3-3, and ISA/IEC 62443-4-2 certifications. Having accredited the testing qualification of both ISA/IEC 62443-4-2 and Component Security Assurance (CSA), Bureau Veritas can help manufacturers solve the product compliance problems on-site, shorten the testing time of cybersecurity, and make it faster to integrate with the international market to grasp business opportunities.”
Pascal LeRay, Bureau Veritas Head of Cybersecurity, said of the ISASecure certification, “After bringing our Taiwan lab to standard earlier in 2022, I am very proud that we’ve been recognized as the only ISASecure lab based in the Greater China area, demonstrating our continued strength in the field of industrial cybersecurity. In response to the fast-changing environment of information security, adopting best practices to continually strengthen information security techniques against new threats will be a great challenge. With industrial cybersecurity expected to grow further in the coming years, we will continue to assist our clients in meeting these new challenges and build safer connected systems.”
About the Related Services of ISA/IEC 62443 Provided by Bureau Veritas

Scheme Certification Standard
ISASecure Procedure ISASecure Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA) ISA/IEC 62443-4-1
Product ISASecure Component Security Assurance (CSA) ISA/IEC 62443-4-2 and ISA/IEC 62443-4-1
About ISCI/ISASecure
Founded in 2007, the ISA Security Compliance Institute’s (ISCI) mission is to provide the highest level of assurance possible for cybersecurity of automation and control systems. ISCI has been conducting ISASecure certifications on automation and control systems since 2011 through its network of ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification bodies.
The Institute was established by thought leaders from major organizations in the automation controls community seeking to improve the cybersecurity posture of critical Infrastructure for generations to come. Prominent ISASecure supporters include Chevron, ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, JCI, Carrier Corp., Amazon Web Services, TUV Rheinland, TUV-SUD, Yokogawa, YPF, exida, GE Digital, Synopsis, Bureau Veritas, CSSC, DNV, and others.
The Institute’s goals are realized through ISASecure compliance programs, education, technical support, and improvements in suppliers’ development processes and users’ life cycle management practices. The ISASecure designation ensures that automation products conform to industry consensus cybersecurity standards such as ISA/IEC 62443, providing confidence to users of ISASecure products and systems and creating product differentiation for suppliers conforming to the ISASecure specification. Learn more at
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Andre Ristaino
About Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas is a world leader in conformity assessment and certification services. Founded in 1828, the group has 78,000 employees in more than 1400 offices, and laboratories located in 140 countries. Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (CPS) – Technology is the strategic partner focused on supporting our clients achieve their goals and success with a full suite of capabilities for Consumer Electrical, Electronic/Wireless, New Mobility, and Industrial.
Bureau Veritas CPS’ holistic solution provides clients with confidence, with products including total testing solutions in Electrical and Electronic; wireless testing covering fields from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, and Zigbee to 5G and beyond for IoT Products; BV Mark to ensure consumer confidence in products; expertise in the heavily technology-centric field of Cybersecurity; and BV Green Line to foster Sustainability. Learn more at

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Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services
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Vicky Chen