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ISA Fire and Gas Mapping Certificate Program Image of inspection at steel long pipes and pipe elbow in station oil factory

Most modern fire and gas design techniques are considered unsatisfactory due to their rule-of-thumb and experience-oriented nature, without any real means to quantify risk. But the technical report ISA-TR84.00.07-2018, Guidance on the Evaluation of Fire, Combustible Gas, and Toxic Gas System Effectiveness lays out a comprehensive framework for performance-based fire and gas design.

This program provides an understanding of these principals and gives you hands-on experience with techniques and associated software tools.

ISA Fire and Gas Mapping Certificate Badge
Earning this certificate will provide you with the Fire & Gas Mapping Specialist badge, which can be easily shared via social media with your employer and/or professional network.

The program is ideal for control systems engineers, fire and gas system specialists, process safety professionals, engineering management professionals, facility engineers, industrial hygiene professionals, and many others.

FGM Specialist Certificate Requirements

There are no required prerequisites or applications for this program. To earn the FGM Specialist certificate, you must successfully complete the course, Fire and Gas Mapping: Practical Application (EC56), and pass a multiple-choice exam. Choose one of the following formats: