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International Society of Automation Gears Up for International Automation Professionals Day

  • April 20, 2023
  • Durham, N.C.

For the second year in a row, the International Society of Automation (ISA) will celebrate the vast field of automation with a digital celebration through the entire month of April.  

Founded on 28 April 1945, ISA is the leading professional society for automation and industrial cybersecurity, offering an expansive networking community for automation professionals to engage in international conferences, trainings, events, and member-exclusive benefits. Each year, ISA and its global community celebrate 28 April as International Automation Professionals Day.    

Because this is a digital celebration, automation professionals around the world can participate in International Automation Professionals Day not just on 28 April, but all month long. Career-established individuals, entry-level personnel, and automation students are encouraged to engage with ISA on social media with images and testimonials that feature them on the job, studying for their automation-related major, or by giving statements about why they enjoy their line of work, and why they believe automation is changing the world.  

ISA Executive Director Claire Fallon said that the automation field is vital to many sectors, and the day celebrates the hard work of professionals who are working to keep society safe and secure. 

“I want all automation professionals to know that they make the world a better place,” she said. “Because of them, the world is safer, more efficient, and more effective. Professionals are the people, not the machines, that creatively look at a problem and tenaciously tackle it from every angle until the best solution is found.” 

The broad spectrum of the automation field means that many may not be familiar with the importance of these careers, something that former ISA President Carlos Mandolesi spoke about last year.  

“It is very common that our friends, relatives, and the population in general do not understand what we do when we say that we work in automation,” he said. “It is important to have a date to celebrate and promote the automation profession.” 

This year, ISA hopes to engage an even larger audience, and encourages members and non-members to participate in the festivities.  

ISA President Marty Bince said that those in automation play a vital factor in life’s modern-day conveniences, and he is happy to highlight their achievements. 

“This will be a time to celebrate all the outstanding opportunities that automation professionals have and the contributions they make,” he said. “From power production to smart manufacturing, instrumentation, and digitalization, automation professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, safety, efficiency and competitiveness of our businesses for all the things that make life wonderful.” 

Automation Professionals Day takes place on 28 April and you can participate in the celebration by using #IAPD or #AutomationProDay on social media anytime during the month of April.  

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