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2023 Executive Board

The Executive Board members are the fiduciaries of ISA. The Executive Board is composed of the President, President-elect Secretary, Past President, Treasurer, 12 elected members with Society experience, and up to three at-large members.

The Executive Board sets the strategic direction for ISA, approves the annual budget, and acts on matters of policy to advance Society objectives as specified by the Bylaws.

2023 Executive Board Members

Image of Marty Bince

Marty Bince

  • President
Image of Carlos Mandolesi

Carlos Mandolesi

  • Past President
Image of Prabhu Soundarrajan

Prabhu Soundarrajan

  • President-elect Secretary
Image of Steve Mustard, P.E., Eur Ing, C.Eng, CAP, FIET, GICSP, CMCP

Steve Mustard, P.E., Eur Ing, C.Eng, CAP, FIET, GICSP, CMCP

  • Treasurer
Image of Claire Fallon

Claire Fallon

  • Executive Director
Image of Ardis Bartle

Ardis Bartle

Image of R. Donald Bartusiak, PhD

R. Donald Bartusiak, PhD

Image of Dean Bickerton

Dean Bickerton

Image of Paulina Chan

Paulina Chan

Image of Francisco Diaz-Andreu

Francisco Diaz-Andreu

Image of Jim Garrison, P.E., CAP, CFSE

Jim Garrison, P.E., CAP, CFSE

Image of Vivek Gupta

Vivek Gupta

Image of Eddie Habibi

Eddie Habibi

Image of Maxym Lachance, P.Eng.

Maxym Lachance, P.Eng.

Image of Claudio Makarovsky

Claudio Makarovsky

Image of Edward Naranjo

Edward Naranjo

Image of Jagdish Shukla

Jagdish Shukla

Image of Sujata Tilak

Sujata Tilak

Image of Ashley Weckwerth, P.E.

Ashley Weckwerth, P.E.

Council of Society Delegates

The Council of Society delegates controls the general policies of the Society through its powers to amend the Bylaws, and to review the annual reports of officers.

The Council of Society Delegates meets annually to hear reports of the Society and act upon proposed amendments to the Bylaws. Each Section in good standing designates a member to act as its delegate. 

Assemblies and Committees

The assemblies and committees below are linked to the ISA Connect website for members.

Society Nominations and Elections

Only a small percentage of the ISA membership will choose to step into a Society leadership role. Without these individuals, our Society would not survive. Learn more about our nomination and election process.

Former Presidents

View a list of former ISA Presidents since 1946.

ISA Former Presidents