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Here you will find on-the-job resources, training materials and certification study guides (CCST®, CAP®, PE, and CSE). From collections on specific topics to collections that cover all facets of automation and control, ISA libraries are essential resources for automation and control professionals. Find out what books are included and how much you can save by purchasing the entire series!

Technician Series

The five books in this popular series cover the most common work functions performed by today's automation and control systems technician, including system startup, troubleshooting, calibration, project management, and more.

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Safety Series

The six books in this popular ISA library provide automation and control professionals with proven safety standards, technologies, and procedures that can be used to identify and mitigate safety hazards in industrial environments.

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CSE Study Library

The three books in this library will help you prepare for the Control Systems Engineer (CSE) Professional Engineer (PE) examination produced by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and administered by state professional license boards.

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CCST Resource Library

The 22 books in this collection cover the wide range of topics all technicians need to know. These resources—written and reviewed by industry experts—provide real-world knowledge for all facets of automation and control.

Cybersecurity Library

This eight-book library provides real-world knowledge on legacy and advanced communications systems in automation and control. The books deliver in-depth descriptions of equipment selection and implementation, standards, protocols, and cybersecurity.

Control Foundation Series

The three books in this library are the leading process control textbooks. These books are valuable resources for system design, implementation, troubleshooting, and day-to-day automation and control tasks.

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