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When to Recertify

The CAP and CCST programs require that you recertify every three years to maintain your certification. The purpose of recertifying is to ensure that as a CAP-certified professional or a CCST-certified control system technician, you maintain the same level of knowledge originally demonstrated when you passed the written exam.

The recertification process for the CAP and CCST programs require no forms or supporting documentation. Your recertification will have an expiration date three years from the date of the current expiration.

ISA sends recertification reminders in the form of emails and postcards; however, it is your responsibility as the certification holder to pay the recertification fee at the appropriate time. Please ensure that you keep your contact information updated in your ISA account so that you will receive these notifications. To view your certification status and/or pay the recertification fee, go to the “My Credentials” tab in your ISA account. If you have issues logging into your ISA account, please contact customer service at or +1 919-549-8411.

Go to "My Credentials" Tab

If you do not recertify within four months after your expiration date, your certification will be considered lapsed, and you must reapply and retest. To keep your CAP or CCST certification active, pay your recertification fee as early as 120 days (four months) before your expiration date. If your certification has expired, email for more information. 

Recertification Process 

By paying the recertification fee, you self-certify that you: 

  1. Agree to commit to the ISA Code of Conduct; and
  2. Have accumulated the appropriate number of Professional Development Points (PDPs) over the last three years; and 
  3. Acknowledge that you may be subject to a random verification audit and will fully agree to provide the supporting documents that prove your qualifications.

Renewing your specific certification requires that you accumulate a minimum number of Professional Development Points (PDPs) over the last three years, as noted below.

  • CAP: 150 PDPs
    Note: for CAP recertification requirements, one PDP can be earned by working sixteen (16) hours for a maximum of 35 PDPs per year
  • CCST (all levels): 90 PDPs
    Note: For CCST recertification requirements, working more than 1,500 hours per year earns 30 PDPs

To help determine whether you have met your PDP requirement, or to identify ways to meet your required number of PDPs, review the information on our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program. Note that the CPD Program is focused on CAP PDPs. However, CCST certificate holders can earn PDPs from the same activities listed in the CPD program. If you cannot meet the appropriate number of PDPs and still want to recertify, then you may recertify by exam. 

Contact if you have questions or concerns.

Recertification Fees

CAP Recertification by PDPs (no exam)

  • 270 USD — ISA Member
  • 340 USD — Non-member

CAP Recertification by Exam

  • 336 USD — ISA Member
  • 420 USD — Non-member

CCST Recertification by PDPs (no exam)

  • 210 USD — ISA Member and Union Member
  • 265 USD — Non-member

CCST Recertification by Exam 

  • 300 USD — ISA Member and Union Member
  • 375 USD — Non-member

Recertification Audit

A random selection of recertification certificate holders will have their recertification audited. Those who are chosen during the audit process will be contacted and will be required to provide verification of job duties and documentation of PDPs that is needed for recertification.

Appeal Process

If you feel you were wrongly denied credit for a CPD activity, then you have the right to appeal. Visit the Grievances and Appeals Process page to learn more.